We found honey bees to be amazing, wonderful creatures.
My dad, since I was born, used to keep about 25 hives, my
grandpa little more. There were many acacia forests around,
which make one of the best honey in the world. It does not
crystallize, it is light in color and has the best flavor. Besides
honey, they also, pollinated sunflower, buckwheat,
watermelons, alfalfa etc.
I am the 4th generation, as far as I know, to keep bees. The
first time I got stung, happened when I was almost a year
old, and I got 7 stings at once playing with bees at a hive
In the picture on top: my dad and 2 of my grandpas
surrounded by hives in acacia forest  around 1980s, and
below: one of my great-grandpas.

Honey bees are gentle in nature and usually won't harm
anyone until they perceive a danger for their hive.
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